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Arizona Death Claims Lawyer

Any death that has a connection to employment can give rise to a workers’ comp death claim. However, it is necessary to establish a medical link that proves that the death was a result of a work-related illness or injury. Our firm thoroughly investigates death claims to uncover evidence that ties a death to a workplace accident.

Tucson death claims attorney Brian Clymer has handled a broad range of cases involving work-related deaths. Whether a loved one died as result of a fall or a heart attack or was killed in the line of duty, our firm has the knowledge and experience to help you successfully navigate the Arizona workers’ comp system.

Southern Arizona Survivors Benefits Attorney

If a medical link can show that a work-related accident caused your spouse’s death, you may be entitled to survivor benefits under workers’ compensation. Our firm is prepared to represent you before the Industrial Commission of Arizona to argue that you should receive survivor benefits. In recent years, Arizona laws have changed to allow survivors to collect more in benefits. Survivor benefits can provide important financial security to you if you lost a loved one in a workplace accident.

When third parties are responsible for work-related deaths, our firm works with experienced personal injury lawyers to hold third parties accountable and obtain personal injury compensation.

Contact Brian Clymer, Attorney At Law

If a loved one passed away as a result of a work-related accident or illness, contact Brian Clymer, Attorney at Law, at 520-323-1234 to schedule an initial interview.