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Tom Margenau: "Gloom, but no doom, for Social Security"

You may have seen the front page headline screaming from the local newspaper on April 23 that Social Security "could go broke" by 2035. Well, here's longtime Social Security public information officer Tom Margenau, who has been down this road before, explaining why we shouldn't panic just yet. Read his column here and find out how we can fix the challenges facing our most popular social insurance program. Hint: It starts with electing Congressmembers with the fortitude to take it on the issue.

Relief sought for all same-sex spouses denied equal access to Social Security survivor's benefits

In November 2018, Tucson attorneys Brian Clymer and Autumn Menard, along with co-counsel Lambda Legal, filed a lawsuit against Social Security on behalf of Michael Ely, then a 65-year-old gay widower, who was denied spousal survivor's benefits despite his 43-year relationship with his husband.

No fooling around, seasoned support professionals add value to Clymer law firm: Meet Emily Clymer

On April 1, 1996, attorney Brian Clymer established his own firm focusing on representing injured workers in their workers' compensation and Social Security Disability claims. A point of emphasis then, and still to this day, is to provide outstanding legal representation assisted by outstanding administrative and support professionals.

Seasoned support professionals add valuable experience to Clymer law firm: Meet Scott Christie-June

'You're only as good as your support staff' is not just a saying, it's longheld belief at Brian Clymer Attorney at Law. In the last year, we've welcomed three seasoned support staff, each of whom brings special talents to the firm. Last week, we introduced you to legal assistant Susan Polito. This week meet Scott Christie-June, administrative assistant and "chief" information officer.

Seasoned support professionals add valuable experience to Clymer law firm: Meet Susan Polito

Like most organizations, successful law firms are only as good as the administrative and office staff professionals supporting it. It's no different at Brian Clymer Attorney at Law where capable and experienced legal assistants and office administrators 'grease' the wheels of the operation and keep it running smoothly.

Notice of Claim Status -- the legal document that controls nearly everything in a workers' compensation claim

Just in the last six months, we've reviewed the claims files of several injured workers and discovered that the workers' compensation carrier has not issued notices of claim status while each of these workers moved through the stages of workers compensation.

"Ignorant" and "wacky" theories about Social Security baffle benefits expert

Several times a year, Tom Margenau takes on the worst of the worst myths about Social Security and debunks them in his syndicated column, "Social Security and You", which is published locally every Sunday in the Arizona Daily Star.

Gay widower sues Social Security Administration over denied spousal benefits

Attorneys Brian Clymer and Autumn Menard, along with co-counsel Lambda Legal, recently filed a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona on behalf of Michael Ely, a 65-year-old gay man, seeking spousal benefits based on his 43-year relationship with his husband.

Mistake-riddled medical records may lead to delays or denial of medical treatment

Insurers have successfully pushed toward requiring "objective" measures and "evidence-based" medicine before authorizing treatment for patients and injured workers. It means doctors must document their physical exam findings and accurately record the patient's history to justify treatment recommendations.