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State legislators back to work for 2018 session

Arizona lawmakers returned to the state capitol this week for the start of the 2018 Arizona Legislative Session. State legislators have the power to make changes to our Workers' Compensation system. When a bill that reduces workers' comp benefits or makes the system less fair for injured worker is proposed, directly contacting your legislators can effectively stop bad changes.

Brian Clymer Attorney at Law looks forward to fighting for the injured & disabled in 2018

The new year means new challenges for injured workers and folks applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits. Attorneys Brian Clymer, Laura Clymer, and Autumn Kycia, and our experienced and compassionate administrative staff look forward to advocating on behalf of claimants. 

Arizona's new paid sick leave law offers baseline protection for sick or injured workers

Thanks to the passage of Arizona's minimum wage and paid sick time law (Proposition 206) last November, minimum wage workers got a pay increase and employees got the ability to earn paid sick time beginning July 1.

Trump's Budget Director makes false attacks on Social Security Disability

Despite President Trump's campaign promise to leave Social Security alone, his budget director, Michael Mulvaney recently called the Social Security disability a "very wasteful program" that has grown too quickly under President Obama and needs to be fixed. The Washington Post gave Mulvaney's claims "Three Pinocchios", meaning that those claims are "mostly false". Here's why.

Legislative Update: Directed care bill SB 1407 withdrawn

Senate Bill 1407, which would have allowed the state, its counties and cities to decide which doctor injured public servants had to see for medical care, ran into a dead end this legislative session. The bill's primary sponsor Sen. Karen Fann withdrew SB 1407 when it became apparent that the problematic legislation lacked support.

Directed care bill SB 1407 rips choice of doctor away from injured firefighters, police officers, teachers, public servants

The seriously flawed Senate Bill 1407 ("SB 1407") advancing through the state Legislature would give the state and its political subdivisions ("government") the power to direct and control over which doctors treat public servants for their work-related injuries.

Injured workers usually have right to choose doctor but must do so quickly

In most cases, the injured worker can choose her treating doctor for the industrial injury, so long as that happens before the second visit. An exception is if your employer is self-insured and directs medical care.

Federal Hiring Freeze Likely To Worsen Social Security Disability Case Backlog

Soon after taking office, President Trump announced a federal hiring freeze. One likely impact of a hiring freeze will be even more delays in the hearing process for Social Security Disability applicants.

Nurse case managers -- whose side are they on? Not the injured worker's in most cases

We often see that when an injured worker's case begins to get complicated the insurance carrier typically contracts with a third-party company to assign a nurse case manager ("NCM") to the claim. The NCM says he or she is there to "help" you with the medical aspects of your claim, to schedule medical appointments, and to meet with your doctors. In reality, you should assume that the NCM is working for the insurance carrier.