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We handle workers’ comp and SSD cases normally on a contingency-fee basis.

Do I Need An Attorney Right Away?

You may have seen ads that say you should hire a lawyer right away if you are disabled and cannot work, but do you really need to? Not necessarily, says Tucson disability benefits attorney Brian Clymer. It depends upon how comfortable you are navigating the initial stages of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process and filling out those forms without an attorney’s help.

If you do want help filling out the initial application and paperwork and have been unable to work for at least nine months, our office may be able to help by representing you at the initial application stage and assisting you in completing the paperwork. Call our office for an initial interview.

Tucson Disability Benefits Attorney

We will offer you an honest assessment of your case and whether we can help. Even if you have not hired us at the initial stage, our firm is willing to represent people who have been denied initially or upon reconsideration. Attending a Social Security disability hearing without representation puts your case in jeopardy because it is difficult to add new evidence after the hearing. We strongly encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible to give us time to prepare for your hearing.

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