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Dangers linemen face each time they go to work

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

Every time you flip on a light switch or turn on the TV, you probably aren’t thinking much about why this is possible. However, electricity is a huge part of most people’s day-to-day life, and without linemen to ensure the lines providing electricity remain in good condition, it wouldn’t be available. 

There’s no question that linemen are an essential part of today’s world. They also face an array of serious and dangerous hazards from different sources. Not only are they working with high voltage lines, but they also must work around heavy, moving equipment.  Learn more about the dangers linemen face here. 

Electrocution and shocks

One of the main risks of this profession is being electrocuted or shocked. This can occur any time high voltage lines are handled or run. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are often fatal. 

Vehicle collisions

There’s also a possibility that someone will hit a lineman with a truck or another vehicle while they work on the side of the road. These types of accidents often occur because distracted drivers aren’t paying attention to work areas. 

Working out in the elements

Working in the elements means linemen are regularly exposed to extreme temperatures throughout the year. This can lead to heatstroke in the summer and cold-related injuries and illnesses in the winter. 

Protecting your rights after an on-the-job accident

If a lineman is injured or killed while on the job, they have the right to recover compensation. If the injury is fatal, their family may be able to file a claim. Workers’ compensation benefits should kick in and provide linemen with the funds required to cover accident-related costs and lost wages. Seeking medical treatment right after the incident is highly recommended to ensure it is documented.