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Knee injuries can derail a career

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

Many careers, including construction, carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, and flooring installation, can put a lot of pressure on a person’s knees. Injuries to the knees can lead to considerable difficulties with work. In some cases, the person won’t be able to return to work right away. 

There are many different types of knee injuries that can occur. In almost every instance, proper safety procedures and equipment can prevent these from occurring. Knee injuries can lead to lost days of work, so it’s beneficial all around for companies to have programs to prevent these from occurring. 

What preventative measures can help?

Employers must ensure that employees have what they need to get their job duties done. Some preventative measures for this include:

  • Provide knee pads for workers who will knee. Shock absorbing options are ideal.
  • Encourage workers to stretch their knees before they work.
  • Teach employees to take breaks as they work to move the knees, which will keep the joint lubricated.
  • Design workspaces for workers to stand or sit while they work.

It isn’t enough to just give employees equipment to keep them safe. Employers should have training sessions for these matters. There should also be a clear process for reporting injuries when they occur.

Individuals who suffer a knee injury while they’re working will need to get medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover the cost of medical care for the injury. It may also cover partial wage replacement. If the worker is unable to return to work for a year or longer because of the injury, they may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Working with someone who can assist with the process, including any necessary appeals, is often beneficial.