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Long years of manual labor can lead to permanent injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Workers Compensation |

Whether you work in a mine, at a high elevation in the construction industry or on a factory line, your job requires intense physical labor. Many people find physical jobs rewarding, as they can see the impact they had on a project or home the products they made in their own hands. 

However much you may love the work that you do, there’s little question that it wears on your body as time goes on. Unfortunately, the low levels of damage to your body might eventually mean that you can’t keep working.

Physical labor has a strong association with repetitive stress injuries

The more frequently you perform a physical task and the more demanding it is on your body, the more damage your body may suffer. Workers who have to twist, lift or grip repeatedly throughout the day may develop repetitive stress injuries

These medical issues range from conditions like carpal tunnel to spinal issues that cause chronic pain. Often, repetitive stress injuries will have a long-term impact on someone’s ability to continue working.

A catastrophic accident isn’t necessary for workers’ compensation

You don’t have to get hurt by a machinery malfunction or a vehicle crash to qualify for workers’ compensation. Any medical condition directly related to your job responsibilities will potentially qualify you for benefits. 

Repetitive stress injuries that develop because you have done the same task for 40 years can qualify you for workers’ compensation just like a traumatic injury would. You may be able to receive benefits so that you can rest, medical coverage or even long-term disability benefits if you have to completely stop working or move to a lower-paying, less demanding job. 

Knowing about workers’ compensation benefits can help you claim them when you need them.