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In-person visits to Industrial Commission remain suspended

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Workers Compensation |

With in-person visits still suspended, injured workers must navigate the Industrial Commission’s online services and have hearings via Google Hangout with judges. 

The Industrial Commission’s online services include:

  1. Online Fillable Forms – The ICA website contains a library of online forms, which can be filled out and submitted to the ICA electronically.
  2. ICA Community – Workers’ compensation forms for injured workers, employers, and insurance carriers can be quickly and easily completed and submitted to the ICA in the ICA’s new Claims/ALJ portal. In addition to fillable forms, the ICA Community allows interested parties to obtain complete access to Claims and ALJ records and electronically submit documents to the ICA. ICA Community resources and training materials are available here.
  3. ICA Online FAQs and Support Resources – The ICA website ( has been redesigned to make it faster and easier for stakeholders and customers to find needed information and get answers to their questions.

Even with its online presence, navigating the ICA can be tricky for unrepresented injured workers. Brian Clymer Attorney at Law is committed to assisting injured workers with the process, evaluating their claims for work injuries, and fighting on behalf of injured workers for all benefits available to them under our workers’ compensation laws.