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New appeal tracking tool available to Veterans

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Veteran Disability |

Veterans can now check the status of pending appeals and get access to detailed information about the disability benefits process by logging in to the “appeals tracker”.

On April 11th, Chris Given, a Data Engineer with US Digital Service US Digital Service shared an exclusive demo of the Appeals Status tracker with NOVA (National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates) members. US Digital Service is a startup at the White House, founded in August 2014 to bring together technology, design, and government talent. US Digital Service has been working on improving the timeliness, accuracy, and veteran experience in the appeals process since late 2015.

As part of this effort, on March 21st the VA launched a new tool – Appeals Status – which allows veterans to access detailed information about the status of pending appeals. This tool includes plain language descriptions of “what’s happening now,” alerts about needed actions, and estimates of how long each step of the process takes. Additionally, veterans can now see their place on BVA’s docket, including the number of appeals ahead of them.

This tool is part of the ongoing work US Digital Service is doing to get VA technology systems ready for implementation of the Appeals Modernization Act.

This new tool may be available to Veteran’s Representatives in the future, but for now the tool is exclusively available to Veterans. The tool is available at or . To access it a veteran may use their DS Logon information for eBenefits, or their My HealtheVet logon information. If they do not already have one of these logons, they can go to and register for an account, by clicking the blue “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner.