Tucson Workers Compensation Attorney

In Arizona, workers' compensation and Social Security Disability (SSD) provide a financial safety net for injured or disabled workers. However, you may find it difficult to obtain benefits even though you are entitled to receive them — unless you have an experienced lawyer by your side to help you navigate the system. Attorney Brian Clymer has more than 30 years of experience representing injured and disabled workers in Tucson.

Southern Arizona Social Security Disability Lawyer

Regardless of your line of work, you deserve compensation when you are hurt on the job. Attorney Brian Clymer provides honest legal counsel to a broad range of workers, including public safety employees, mine workers and nurses.

Coping with an injury or disability is stressful enough. Attorney Clymer and his staff will handle the legal details of your workers' comp or SSD claim and work collaboratively to ease the burden on your shoulders.

We often hear clients tell us that they feel uneasy about applying for workers' compensation or SSD; they feel as if the injury is somehow their fault. It is important to remember that these programs were created to help workers get back on their feet and maintain their independence. If you need support through the workers' comp system or Social Security, there is no reason to feel guilty.

Contact Brian Clymer, Attorney At Law

If you are unable to work as a result of an injury or disability, contact Tucson Social Security Disability attorney Brian Clymer at 520-323-1234 to schedule a free initial consultation. We handle workers' comp and SSD cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe a fee unless we win.