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Teachers, educational support staff overdue for higher pay as increasing demands make work place more challenging

We represent injured workers from all walks of life and in every kind of occupation. Among the most dedicated workers we encounter are the teachers and educational support staff in our local public schools. They typically share a common passion and commitment to educating and supporting our children -- whether by teaching in the classroom, driving a school bus, cleaning the school grounds, or preparing and serving hot meals as a school cook.

Directed care bill SB 1407 rips choice of doctor away from injured firefighters, police officers, teachers, public servants

The seriously flawed Senate Bill 1407 ("SB 1407") advancing through the state Legislature would give the state and its political subdivisions ("government") the power to direct and control over which doctors treat public servants for their work-related injuries.

Injured workers usually have right to choose doctor but must do so quickly

In most cases, the injured worker can choose her treating doctor for the industrial injury, so long as that happens before the second visit. An exception is if your employer is self-insured and directs medical care.

Arizona Legislative Session Opens January 9

Arizona lawmakers returned to Phoenix January 9 for the first day of the new Legislative session. Our state legislators have the power to make changes to Arizona Workers' Compensation system. It's important to know who your state Senator and two state Representatives are. When bill that reduces workers' comp benefits or makes the system less fair for injured workers is proposed, directly contacting your legislators can effectively stop bad legislation. Let your state Senator and state Representative know that you are a voter and a constituent who lives in their legislative district, and that any bill that limits workers' comp benefits only serves big insurance companies, while further harming injured workers like yourself.

Injured worker has duty to 'forthwith report' accident and resulting injury to employer

No matter how small an injury, a worker must "forthwith report" the accident and the resulting injury to the employer, according to Arizona Workers' Compensation laws. (Ariz. Rev. Stat. ยง23-908 (E)). The injured worker must report the injury when it occurs or as soon as she becomes aware of her condition. Failing to timely report a work-related injury could jeopardize the claim for workers' compensation benefits and can lead to a difficult battle over whether the injury happened on the job.

Brian Clymer chosen workers' compensation law - claimants "Lawyer of the Year" for Tucson

Brian Clymer.jpgBrian Clymer was recently selected Best Lawyers' 2016 Workers' Compensation Law-Claimants "Lawyer of the Year" for Tucson. Additionally, Brian was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016 in the practice area of workers' compensation law-claimants. Lawyer of the Year recognitions are awarded to individual attorneys with the highest overall peer-feedback for a specific practice area and location, and only one lawyer is recognized at the "lawyer of the year" for each specialty and location.