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4 common injuries in machine shops

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

Working in machine shops comes with multiple risks. Not only do workers engage in repetitive movements, but they must also lift heavy boxes and objects and work around heavy, dangerous equipment. 

The nature of this job comes with inherent risks, and knowing what some of the most prevalent risks are for this job may help you avoid being injured.

1. Amputation injuries

An amputation injury is a disfiguring and catastrophic injury that occurs when workers use machinery to cut different materials. While this type of injury may happen to anyone, those without the proper safety training for using the equipment are more at risk for amputation accidents. These injuries also impact fatigued 

2. Chemical inhalation

Employees working in machine shops must wear protective gear such as helmets and face shields. Sometimes, ventilation is not what it should be, which can lead to exposure to hazardous gases or metallic particles. Exposure to these can result in serious injuries and lung illnesses over time. 

3. Eye injuries

If machine shop workers don’t wear protective eye gear, they can experience serious eye injuries due to flying shrapnel produced when materials are cut. If the piece of debris is small enough, it may result in a minor issue; however, there are cases of machine shop workers losing their vision or an eye. 

4. Improper or unsafe use of equipment

Keeping workers safe in machine shops requires the proper precautions to be in place. Serious and sometimes fatal injuries may occur if employers don’t provide the necessary precautions, and workers may experience devastating injuries or fatalities. 

Employees injured in machine shops may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers must know their legal rights to workers’ comp benefits after a workplace accident.