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Can you file a worker’s comp claim for job-related hearing loss?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

You can definitely experience hearing loss connected with your job. It depends on the kind of job you have and the industry you work in. Any time you are exposed to very loud noise from heavy machinery, for instance, or certain chemicals, especially if the exposure occurs repeatedly over a period of time, your hearing can suffer. 

Using the proper ear protection can help to reduce your noise exposure. Still, you may find that your hearing has been affected to some degree.

If the hearing loss was due to conditions at your work, you may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Hearing problems that can arise from your workplace

The website, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), notes that hearing loss from your occupation usually stems either from chemicals called ototoxins that can be breathed in, swallowed or enter the body via the skin, or noise. This can lead to problems like:

  • Tinnitus – a condition that makes you feel like your ears are ringing
  • Problems with the middle ear or outer ear
  • Nerve issues within the ear that limit hearing

Which industries have significant potential risk for workers’ hearing loss?

Having a job in one of the fields below may heighten your chances of developing hearing difficulties. However, other occupational categories can have their own hearing risks as well:

  • Carpentry
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Construction

There are some fine points to watch for when it comes to filing a worker’s compensation claim for hearing loss. For one, the hearing problem has to be caused by your job, not other factors. In addition, hearing loss can be a gradual, ongoing process rather than happening all at once. For people who have held positions at various companies, it might be challenging to know exactly which one generated the hearing impairment. 

Third, sometimes workers wait too long to file their claims. The window of time varies by state, and workers in Arizona have a maximum of a year from the day of their injury or diagnosis to file. If you’re struggling with your workers’ comp claim, don’t hesitate to reach out for some assistance.