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This 1 issue causes almost half of all hospital work injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Workers Compensation |

Medical work is hard work, and hospital workers face an elevated risk of getting hurt on the job when compared with many other professionals. There are dangers around every corner in the hospital, in addition to the constant exposure to seasonal pathogens like the flu.

A nurse could experience violence at the hands of a patient with dementia. A phlebotomist could injure themselves through an accidental needle-stick while working with a patient with a blood-borne illness.

However, while there are many opportunities to suffer an injury on the job in the hospital, there is one risk that is responsible for almost half of all lost-time incidents reported in hospitals in the United States.

Hospital workers hurt themselves by pushing their bodies too hard

Long shifts, demanding patients and emergency situations can put a lot of stress on someone’s body and mind. Needing to lift a patient who has fallen from the floor, support someone walking as part of their recovery or move heavy machinery could lead to a hospital worker over-exerting themselves.

Overexertion and bodily reactions account for 48% of lost-time incidents in hospitals. Issues like hernias, back injuries and sprains are all examples of overexertion injuries that could result from the responsibilities of medical work. These injuries can be particularly difficult for workers to recover from because they likely require rest and a leave of absence.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation can help hospital workers who need rehabilitative leave by covering medical bills and replacing some of their wages until they recuperate. Learning about workers’ compensation can help you get support after an injury on the job.