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Dangers linemen face on each shift

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Workers Compensation |

Homes and businesses count on having electricity to keep things normal. The linemen who work for the electric company are responsible for keeping the lines in good condition. This job comes with considerable risks.

The hazards they face come from a variety of sources. They’re working with high voltage lines that are sometimes in dangerous areas. There’s also the risk of working on and around moving equipment. 

What types of dangers do linemen face?

The danger of being shocked or electrocuted is one of the primary risks of this job. There’s also a chance that someone will strike either the bucket truck or the worker while they’re working alongside the road. If a vehicle strikes the bucket truck, the worker may fall from the height of the line. 

Linespeople also have to work out in the elements, which can be dangerous because of the electrical currents and equipment they need to use. There’s also the possibility of them having to work in confined spaces. 

Proper training and equipment can go a long way toward keeping these men and women safe. It’s up to the employer to ensure they have those. 

Linemen who suffer an injury while they’re working need prompt medical care. These injuries are often very serious, so they mustn’t try to wait to get medical attention. Workers’ compensation should cover medical bills and missed wages for these workers. Appealing decisions that don’t provide them the benefits that they need might be necessary. Working with someone familiar with these cases is beneficial.