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February 2019 Archives

Notice of Claim Status -- the legal document that controls nearly everything in a workers' compensation claim

Just in the last six months, we've reviewed the claims files of several injured workers and discovered that the workers' compensation carrier has not issued notices of claim status while each of these workers moved through the stages of workers compensation.

"Ignorant" and "wacky" theories about Social Security baffle benefits expert

Several times a year, Tom Margenau takes on the worst of the worst myths about Social Security and debunks them in his syndicated column, "Social Security and You", which is published locally every Sunday in the Arizona Daily Star.

Gay widower sues Social Security Administration over denied spousal benefits

Attorneys Brian Clymer and Autumn Menard, along with co-counsel Lambda Legal, recently filed a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona on behalf of Michael Ely, a 65-year-old gay man, seeking spousal benefits based on his 43-year relationship with his husband.