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April 2018 Archives

Teachers, educational support staff overdue for higher pay as increasing demands make work place more challenging

We represent injured workers from all walks of life and in every kind of occupation. Among the most dedicated workers we encounter are the teachers and educational support staff in our local public schools. They typically share a common passion and commitment to educating and supporting our children -- whether by teaching in the classroom, driving a school bus, cleaning the school grounds, or preparing and serving hot meals as a school cook.

Independence of Social Security judges in the balance in case before U.S. Supreme Court

On April 23rd, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Lucia v. SEC, which raises the question of the legitimacy of the appointment of federal administrative law judges ("ALJs"). Although the case deals with ALJs in the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Court's ruling could call into question the legitimacy of how Social Security ALJs are appointed.

Social Security skeptic changes tune after receiving SS retirement benefits

We're big fans of Tom Margenau, a 32-year veteran of the Social Security Administration who retired in 2005 and who has written the syndicated column "Social Security and You" since 1997. His informational column, published every Sunday in the Arizona Daily Star, is a must-read.